Ella Maud – Book Review


Ella Maud is Nicholas Nicastro’s tale of the real life disappearance of the 19 year old Ella Maud, known to everyone as Nell. Set in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, November 1901. 
Nell goes missing after meeting her beau, Jim Wilcox on the porch of her home and 37 days later her seemingly undecayed body is found in the river. 
Not just drowned but murdered.
Jim Wilcox is arrested and tried locally, sentenced,  in two rather unfair trials, first to hang, then to life imprisonment where he only serves 16 years. But was he innocent?
Did the family really know what had happened?
There is a real atmosphere of the time, the manners and language of that period, with real historical details of the American family life. It did jump around a little, which initially made it hard to follow, but once in to the rhythm of the story it flowed nicely. Based on real events this is an excellent read
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