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I Am, I Am, I Am By Maggie O’Farrell @TinderPress @PublicityBooks #Memoir # NonFiction #BookReview

This sound so good


img_8664Tinder Press 2017

Book Description

A memoir with a difference, I AM, I AM, I AM is novelist Maggie O’Farrell’s unforgettable account of a life in near-death experiences.  A childhood illness she was not expected to survive.  A terrifying encounter on a remote path.  A mismanaged labour in an understaffed hospital.  Insightful, inspirational, intelligent, it is a story you finish newly conscious of life’s fragility, determined to make every heartbeat count.

My Thoughts

I adore Maggie’s O’Farrell’s fiction so this book hit my radar when it was released, with me finally informing my husband that despite the numerous unread books on my shelf, this one would make a lovely Christmas present, for me!  And it did.  Unusually for me this book didn’t even hit my shelf – more commonly books I have to buy, those ones I must have, arrive home with me and then spend at least six months…

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