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The Reach of Shadows by Tony J Forder – Book Review. #blogtour


Book Blurb:

Recovering from injuries sustained in a road collision, DI Bliss is taken directly from hospital to a fresh crime scene and ordered to investigate the vicious stabbing and murder of Jade Coleman.

When Bliss realises the victim had reported being stalked, and that two of his own team had been drafted in to take her statement, he is given the unenviable task of interviewing both of his detectives.

Increasingly it appears that the stalker may be their killer. However, several other people soon become part of the team’s suspect list.

Bliss also finds himself being questioned about his own past, and has to battle to defend himself whilst continuing to investigate the murder.

Soon more questions arise.

Why would anybody target Jade Coleman?

Why are the team unable to identify the victim’s close female friend?

And why did Jade recently leave her job without any explanation?

With his work cut out, and his team under pressure, can Bliss solve the case before more victims show up?

Or will the shadows of his own past reach out and drag him under before he can succeed?



Set in Peterborough, UK, DI James ‘Jimmy’ Bliss and his partner, DS Penny Chandler are investigating the murder of Jade Coleman, she was found at home, stabbed several times. But, she had previously reported a stalker and been interviewed by two detectives but no further action was taken. 

Then Bliss, get hit by a car after chasing a ‘prowler’ at his home…is this linked to the investigation, to anti-nuclear activists or something more personal…..all will become clear! 

I love Tony J Forder’s writing, he has a couple of storylines running alongside each other, it’s easy to follow though, some job related and some personal, and it’s great to see the lives behind the officers, they are human after all with a life outside the job. All though I’m not sure Bliss is human though….I mean who eats CREAM CHEESE AND PEANUT BUTTER sandwiches, that’s just wrong !!

The story is intense and really keeps you guessing, a gripping, heart thumping read. I can thoroughly recommend it. (And it’s only 99p at the moment for the Kindle)…


While this is number 4 in the DI Bliss series, it’s can be read as a stand-alone novel




About the author:

Tony J Forder is the author of the critically acclaimed, internationally best-selling crime thriller series featuring detectives Jimmy Bliss and Penny Chandler. The first three books, Bad to the Bone, The Scent of Guilt, and If Fear Wins, are now joined by The Reach of Shadows, published in January 2019.
Tony’s dark, psychological crime thriller, Degrees of Darkness, featuring ex-detective Frank Rogers, was also published by Bloodhound Books. This is a stand-alone novel. Another book that was written as a stand-alone was Scream Blue Murder. This was published in November 2017, and received praise from many, including fellow authors Mason Cross, Matt Hilton and Anita Waller. Before it had even been published, Tony had decided to write a sequel, and Cold Winter Sun was published in November 2018.

Tony lives with his wife in Peterborough, UK, and is now a full-time author.

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The Lock by Andrew Barrett #bookreview #tarheelreader #thrthelock @andrewbarrettuk @BOTBSpublicity #thelock #blogtour

Great review…

Jennifer ~ Tar Heel Reader


Happy Wednesday and welcome to my stop on The Lock by Andrew Barrett blog tour sponsored by the lovely Sarah at Book on the Bright Side Publicity!  Thank you, Sarah, for the invitation! Today I have a review for you.

About the Book:

I’m Eddie Collins, a CSI. I was finishing up at a sudden death in an old house, waiting for the body snatchers to arrive, when I heard a noise from the cellar.

I had time to kill, so I went to investigate.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one with killing on his mind.

My Thoughts:

Checking in at only 122 pages, I savored this novella and blew through it at the same time. What an intro to Eddie Collins, CSI! I’m already a fan of the old CSI TV shows, and Eddie would have fit right in with the cast. He’s smart, analytical, and he comes…

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