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Twisted by Steve Cavanagh

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Orion | 2019 (ebook: 24 January; Pb: 4 April) | 320p | Review copy | Buy the book

Twisted by Steve CavanaghJ.T. LeBeau is one of the world’s most successful thriller writers. You can find his books anywhere; everyone is reading them. LeBeau is known most of all for his genius with the twist. They’re unguessable. But, despite all of the accolades and all of the awards, he never makes public appearances. In fact, nobody knows who he is. Actually, to be accurate, there were a couple of people who knew his identity but they’re dead now. Better, then, not to find out.

Maria is not a happy woman. She thought she’d married the perfect man. They have a beautiful house by the sea and he gives her all the money she needs. But something isn’t right. He’s often away without telling her why. He has a luxury boat and a sports car…

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