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The Line Between by Tosca Lee #bookreview #tarheelreader #thrlinebetween @toscalee @howardbooks @simonschuster #bookbestieslinebetween #thelinebetween

Great review….love the sound of this…one for the TBR list

Jennifer ~ Tar Heel Reader

IMG_20181118_124223_082.jpgHappy Tuesday!  Today I have a review of The Line Between by Tosca Lee publishing today via Howard Books/Simon Schuster!

My Thoughts:

Wynter Roth has been a member of a doomsday cult, and when she finally escapes, she enters a chaotic end-of-world scenario the cult predicted. 

A long extinct disease re-forms in Alaska, emitting itself from the permafrost as it melts. The disease causes dementia in humans no matter the age. 

Utter chaos is ensuing and an apocalypse is looming if something doesn’t change fast. Wynter’s sister arrives one night with medical samples that may offer understanding and perhaps uncover something much more sinister. 

The power grid is failing, and as the situation continues to become more bleak, Wynter needs to take the samples to Colorado, and to get there, she needs the help of Chase, former military and someone she hopes she can trust. 


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