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Kayak the Kwanza by Oscar Scafidi – Book Review


In August 2015, Oscar Scafidi and Alfy Weston set out to kayak and hike 1,300km along Angola’s longest river, the Kwanza.

This is the story of their 33-day expedition in a 1960s Klepper collapsible kayak as they journey through some of the last remaining wilderness areas in Africa. Enroute they avoid hippo attacks, waterfalls and security forces but are arrested at gunpoint, almost drown, take part in a diamond mine rescue and display incredible courage.

The journey was in support of The HALO Trust, the oldest and largest humanitarian landmine clearance organisation in the world.

The authors will be donating 25% of the book profits to support The HALO Trust’s continued work in Angola.



Oscar and Alfy spent many months planning their expedition to Kayak the Kwanza…I found this part very interesting, I had no idea just how much goes into these plans, from the route, equipment, medical supplies and the English essentials….PG Tips and Marmite !

This is their true story of the quite amazing expedition from Luanda in Angola to the Atlantic Ocean in a kayak.

The trip was in aid of the HALO trust,  a non-political charity which remove debris left behind by war, in particular land mines. 

Kayaking on both previously unexplored areas of the river and some already known. The detailed and expressive writing is so good you can practically smell the dank river, mud and unwashed bodies…

They came across some aggressive hippos, guarding the river with the risk of them overturning the kayak at times. The fast flowing water, terrifying rapids and the mosquitoes sounded quite horrific and Oscar’s poor feet had me wincing…I can’t imagine how painful this must have been……and then their arrest for being close to a dam…. Angolan bureaucracy which delayed and almost ended their journey and sneaking past checkpoints on the river…A absolutely fantastic adventure brought to life, I loved every minute (well apart from BREXIT lol)…..

I would like to thank the Pigeonhole and the author for the opportunity to read this book for free and this is my honest and unbiased review

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