The River Girls by Melinda Woodhall – Book Review



When the body of a missing girl washes up on the banks of the Willow River, the killing is linked to two cold case murders, and the investigation must uncover the twisted motive of a serial killer before he kills again.

Still reeling after her sister’s brutal murder, grief-stricken Eden Winthrop has returned to Willow Bay, where she runs the Mercy Harbor Foundation, a safe haven for victims of violence.

When a teenage trafficking victim disappears from a shelter run by her foundation, Eden is drawn into the search for the sadistic killer. The hunt becomes personal when Eden’s niece is abducted just as the body of yet another victim is discovered in a local river.

In a desperate effort to save her niece, Eden must partner with the small-town police force that had failed to save her sister. And to catch the killer, she realizes she must trust the one man she vowed to never forgive and summon the strength to face her deepest fears.

The gripping first book in the page-turning Mercy Harbor Thriller Series will keep you up at night.



Firstly, how come I’ve not heard of Melinda Woodhall before? ….I read a lot and hadn’t come across her writing….

So, The River Girls….

Eden Winthrop helps run The Mercy Harbor Foundation in Willow Bay, this is a refuge for women, to help them escape domestic violence. She has some severe anxiety issues stemming from when her sister was killed by her estranged husband and has help from the adorable Duke, a golden retriever…

One night a young girl, Star turns up at the foundation asking for help. Eden goes against protocol and lets her in, but then she runs away…

Soon after a young girls body is found in the river….is this Star? Or something more sinister at work……?

What follows is an intense, emotion packed, twisty thriller….with some great characters in Hollywood, the seedy, violent,drug addicted pimp, his sidekick Vinny and of course the lawyer, Leo Steele….a possible budding romance with Eden??

Wonderfully immersive writing from Melinda Woodhall….in this real nail biter of a thriller….I will be looking out for more of her writing in future that’s for sure.

I received a free advance copy of The River Girls and this is my honest and unbiased review.

Published by Creative Magnolia in November 2018


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