The Paramedics Daughter by Tara Lyons – Book Review



Would you ever lie to your family to protect yourself?

Paramedic Abi Quinn is hailed as a hero by the patients she saves with the London Ambulance Service; but a secret she’s kept since she was a teenager now threatens to shatter that perfect illusion.

When her daughter Rose goes missing while studying at Brighton university, and ghosts from her past return to haunt her, Abi’s caught in a race against time to untangle the web of lies she set in motion over twenty years ago.    

Everyone has something to lose.
Everyone is trying to protect themselves.
Everyone is broken.
But what lengths will they go to in order to stop the truth from being exposed?

A shocking psychological suspense

Tara Lyons - The Paramedic’s Daughter_cover


“The first time a stranger died in my arms, I cried myself to sleep for a week.”

Abi Quinn is a paramedic working from the ever busy Camden Ambulance Station. One call they receive is for a terrorist attack at Baker Street tube station….Abi and Adele attend and, as professionals do their job….so busy, Abi misses a call from her daughter, Rose.

The following day, she listens to her voice mail and it’s a bit garbled, but she hears Dylan knows……immediately she panics and feels the must need to speak to her daughter…..but she can’t get hold of her…..

Abi is a mess, so worried her secret will be found out…..even her poor mother, suffering from dementia, mentions that Patrick should know about the baby…..but Patrick’s dead…..isn’t he?

Told from Abi’s point of view, it shows how a lie escalates and affects all those around and not just the person telling the lie……it grows and has long reaching consequences in this case…Abi, while a consummate professional at work, saving lives regardless of the background of those injured, internally she is justifying her lie all the time, while panicking about where her daughter is, and how will she react if she ever finds out.

As she visits Brighton to try to find Rose, that past bumps into her, and the truth is about to come out…….!

Well, what can I say…! This is a very clever psychological thriller and I sped through this from start until the incredible, heart stopping end…..time stopped for a moment there while I took it all in…..shockingly brilliant writing by Tara Lyons…

Thank you to Bloodhound Books for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook  in exchange for my honest, unbiased review

You can buy a copy here (click on the image)

About the author


Tara is a crime/psychological thriller author from London, UK. Turning 30 in 2015 propelled her to fulfil her lifelong dream of becoming a writer. She studied English Literature at Brunel University and was Assistant Editor at an in-house magazine for 8 years.

In the Shadows is the author’s solo debut novel self-published in March 2016. Bloodhound Books later re-published it, and the rest of The DI Hamilton series followed suit.

Tara is now working on standalone novels, the first of which will be published in May 2019.

When she’s not writing, Tara is kept busy by her two young children.

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