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The Girl Who Came Out Of The Woods by Emily Barr – Book Review



A commune hidden from the world. A terrible accident. A lifetime of secrets to uncover. The new YA thriller from Emily Barr.

I’ve been trapped here for days. What if I die here? I decided to write down my story so that one day, when I’m discovered, they will know who I was and why I was here.

Arty has always lived in the Clearing, a small settlement in the forests of south India. But their happy life, hidden from the rest of the world, is shattered by a terrible accident. For the first time in her sixteen years, Arty must leave the only place she’s ever known, into the outside world she’s been taught to fear.

Her only goal is to get help from a woman called Tania, who used to live in the forest, and the Uncle she knows is out there, somewhere. As she embarks on the terrifying journey, pursued by an enemy she can’t fathom, Arty soon realises that not everyone is to be trusted. She’s looking for answers, but what she’ll learn from Tania and Uncle Matthew is a shocking truth about her past.

Everything is changing too fast for this girl who came out of the woods, and is she running into a trap…? (Courtesy of Goodreads)


Arty (Artemis) has grown up in a tiny community almost entirely cut off from the outside world….except the shaman sells the ‘herbs’ they grow occasionally for essentials and once a year for Kotta, they have Kingfisher beer and Dairy Milk.

They live in a clearing in a forest about sixty miles from Mumbai, in a matriarchal society, and all have the names of goddesses and gods.

Arty has never known any other life, until a sickness hits the clearing and she has to leave and is taken to the real world…..and it’s a total shock to her…..the smells, the food and sheer number of people….

Along with Arty’s tale, is that of a prisoner in a basement…..who is it? Arty’s mum?

I loved Arty, smart but totally naive as to how the world really works…..trusting everyone..will she survive? Will she see Zeus or any of her family again?

I loved The Girl Who Came Out Of The Woods by Emily Barr, thought provoking and moving and a beautiful end….

I would like to thank the publishers, the author and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book for free and this is my honest and unbiased review.


I would like to thank the Pigeonhole and the author for the opportunity to read this book for free and this is my honest and unbiased review





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