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#YouToo by Candy Denman – Book Review



A partner in a successful law firm in the seaside town of Hastings dies when his penchant for erotic auto-asphyxiation apparently goes too far.

The head of the Crown Prosecution Service in E Sussex is photographed drunk and undressed at a well-known dogging location.

A corporate lawyer in a city finance company is found drugged and drowned in his employer s swimming pool. What is the connection between these bizarre incidents and have they been deliberately set up?

Dr Jo Hughes is convinced that there is a connection, even if the police do not agree. As she searches for the reason behind the deaths and attacks, she begins to realise that there will be more, and that Detective Inspector Steve Miller may well be the next victim.


This is #3 in the Dr Jocasta Hughes series, but I found it easy to read as a stand-alone.

Jo is a GP in Hastings, but also works as a Forensic Physician for the police. She is called to a sudden death and finds the man dead as the result of auto-erotic asphyxiation……

There are soon other instances of being caught in embarrassing situations and sudden deaths…..all seemingly related to their sexual proclivities…….Jo suggests there is more to these events and the investigations begin….is someone setting them up ?

Jo is a really likeable, relatable character, busy in her life as a GP, has a wild friend in Kate, and a love interest in Dr Billy Iqbal…..( she also rather fancies the married DI Steve Miller)…..

This is a very engaging thriller with a nice twist. A nice mix of crime thriller and life as a GP……thoroughly entertaining.

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the book  and this is my honest, unbiased review 

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Candy Denman is a Crime and TV script writer of programmes such as The Bill, Heartbeat and Doctors. Author of the Dr Jocasta Hughes crime series set in Hastings.

Twitter: @CrimeCandy

Book details

YouToo by Candy Denman

  • Paperback: 360 pages
  • Publisher: Crime Scene Books (2 May 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1912563142
  • ISBN-13: 978-1912563142
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Cold As The Grave by James Oswald – Book Review



The ninth book in the Sunday Times-bestselling phenomenon that is the Inspector McLean series, from one of Scotland’s most celebrated crime writers.

Her mummified body is hidden in the dark corner of a basement room, a room which seems to have been left untouched for decades. A room which feels as cold as the grave.

As a rowdy demonstration makes its slow and vocal way along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, Detective Chief Inspector Tony McLean’s team are on stand-by for any trouble.

The newly promoted McLean is distracted, inexplicably drawn to a dead-end mews street… and a door, slightly ajar, which leads to this poor girl’s final resting place.

But how long has she been there, in her sleep of death? The answers are far from what McLean or anyone else could expect.

The truth far more chilling than a simple cold case…




By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes


Tony McLean has been promoted to Detective Chief Inspector, a role he didn’t really want, he’d rather be doing police work not paperwork….

So, he decides to take part in Operation Fundament, to keep an eye on a protest march, fascists and anti-fascists.  In the melee he stumbles and notices a door that had been broken into. When he goes to check he finds the body of a young girl….it looks like it had been there for years, as it was desiccated……but after the post mortem it’s found the poor girl had only been dead a couple of days…so what had caused her to be ‘mummified’…..

Then a second body is found, another young girl in the same state……just who is killing these girls?

Tony is such a committed detective, his home life is suffering after a recent tragedy, and he and Emma barely speak to each other anymore….

But he just has to find out what is happening to these girls….

He is again dealing with the menacing Mrs Saifre…..she gave me the creeps that one, the marvellous Madame Rose and the mysterious Madame Jasmina….all mixed in with people trafficking, modern day slavery, the exploitation of migrant workers and murder. There’s also the ‘demon’, the mythical djinn….superstition or something else? Just be careful what you wish for !

A creepy, tense, emotional and totally compelling thriller….I loved every chilling minute….

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the book  and this is my honest, unbiased review.


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“If you’re a fan of gripping and intelligent crime books, you won’t want to miss out on this one.”



“a superior crime series”

Crime Squad


“Cold as the Grave is an excellent addition to a strong series.”

Crime Review

“The new Ian Rankin”

Daily Record


“Oswald’s writing is a class above”

Daily Express


“Crime fiction’s next big thing”

Sunday Telegraph


“Oswald is among the leaders in the new batch of excellent Scottish crime writers”

Daily Mail





JAMES OSWALD is the author of the Sunday Times bestselling Inspector McLean series of detective mysteries, as well as the new DC Constance Fairchild series. James’s first two books, NATURAL CAUSES and THE BOOK OF SOULS, were both short-listed for the prestigious CWA Debut Dagger Award. AS COLD AS THE GRAVE is the ninth book in the Inspector Mclean Series.

James farms Highland cows and Romney sheep by day, writes disturbing fiction by night.



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What She Did by Alex Kane – Book Review



She’s your best friend. And your worst enemy…


Beth is a woman running from her demons. Moving to Glasgow to escape the tragedy that ended with the death of her ex-boyfriend, she’s trying to build a new life, to tentatively find new love. But her past is following her, and try as she might, she can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching her every move.


Victoria is unhappily married to Greg. On their wedding day he told her he would love her until they grew old, but now he’s becoming secretive, staying out for ‘business meetings’ and growing distant from his wife. After finding incriminating texts on his phone, Victoria contacts an old friend for support, the one person in her life that has never let her down yet.


Lydia knows she is the only one that can help Victoria. Jumping straight back into their friendship, despite the four-year absence from Victoria’s life, she vows to stop at nothing to help her get revenge. Good friends will do anything for each other, right?

But Lydia has made a new friend in Beth, and now, none of them are safe…

Three women. Three stories. One devastating secret.

An utterly gripping, dark psychological thriller with a twist that will make your jaw drop. Fans of B.A. Paris, The Wife Between Us and The Woman in the Window will be completely addicted.  



What She Did by Alex Kane is a gripping, psychological thriller about three women, Beth, Victoria and Lydia…

Beth, escapes from an abusive relationship and trying to make a new life.  Victoria believes her husband is cheating on her and turns to her old friend, Lydia, to find out if he is.

I have to admit to getting a little confused at times by the many twists and turns in the story, it was a bit hard to keep up. But as the story progresses, they stories all link and the final gasp inducing twist is just brilliant….

A dark, thought provoking tale of domestic violence and the struggles women have in a male world.

Thank you to Sarah at Book On The Bright Side for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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Author Bio:


Alex Kane is a psychological thriller writer who lives in Glasgow. She is a huge fan of the genre, with her favourite authors in the genre being Lisa Hall, BA Paris and Sarah Stovell. If she is not writing, she can be found drinking tea or gin, taking cat selfies and obsessing over Tom Hardy.




Instagram @alexkanewriter


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One Way Out by A.A. Dhand – Book Review



The much-anticipated new Harry Virdee thriller from rising star A.A Dhand….

Bradford is Dhand’s city – he grew up there, studied there. He knows these streets as well as anyone.  Tensely paced and characteristically meticulously plotted, One Way Out takes you into the dark heart of a city under siege..

A bomb detonates in Bradford’s City Park.

When the alert sounds, DC I Harry Virdee has just enough time to get his son and his mother to safety before the bomb blows. But this is merely a stunt.

The worst is yet to come.

A new and aggressive nationalist group, the Patriots, have hidden a second device under one of the city’s one hundred and five mosques. In exchange for the safe release of those at Friday prayers, the Patriots want custody of the leaders of radical Islamist group Almukhtareen – the chosen ones.

The government does not negotiate with terrorists. Even when thousands of lives are at risk.

There is only one way out.

But Harry’s wife is in one of those mosques. Left with no choice, Harry must find the Almukhtareen, to offer the Patriots his own deal.



This is #4 in the Harry Virdee series, but can easily be read as a stand-alone.

Harry is enjoying his annual leave, by spending time with his mother and young son Aaron on a day out to City Park, Bradford……his wife is at Friday prayers in a nearby mosque……but then there’s a security alert and people need to leave the area….

There’s panic as people run to leave….Harry knows the area, so takes his mother and son to a nearby building that he knows has a cellar…..but his so worried about his wife, Saima…….then there’s an explosion! He is then called back to work….

A group calling themselves The Patriots are demanding the arrest of 4 extremists…..or they will detonate another bomb…..its in one of the 105 mosques in the city……but which one?

They also demand that if anyone leaves a mosque, they will detonate the bomb!

Harry has a lot to deal with, the family issues (his father disowned him for marrying a Muslim woman – this was heartbreaking), his wife is trapped in a mosque and he has been asked to find the 4 extremists…..will he sacrifice the 4 to save a thousand?…..

This is an incredibly tense thriller, all the more so as in the current world climate it feels all too plausible…..the thought that these events are controlled by politicians is very very scary….absolutely stunning writing by AA Dhand…

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the book  and this is my honest, unbiased review.

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Praise for A.A Dhand:

‘Outstanding, relentless, multi-layered… A crime debut to relish’ LEE CHILD

‘A SCORCHING story of a city divided…announces the arrival of a formidable crime writer’ DAILY MAIL

‘The blood count is high but the novel deserves attention for its sheer inventiveness & unbridled energy’ THE TIMES

‘A tense slice of neo-noir’ OBSERVER

‘One of the most multi-layered policemen to have appeared in recent years’ – MAIL ON SUNDAY

‘Delves deep into the dark side of Bradford, exploring a city riven by racial tensions.’ – SUNDAY EXPRESS


About the author:


A.A. Dhand was raised in Bradford and spent his youth observing the city from behind the counter of a small convenience store. After qualifying as a pharmacist, he worked in London and travelled extensively before returning to Bradford to start his own business and begin writing. The history, diversity and darkness of the city have inspired his Harry Virdee novels.


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The Teeth Of Giants by Gordon Wallis – Book Review



In the brutal war on Elephant poaching in Africa one man takes a stand against a ruthless international ivory smuggling syndicate. A stand that almost costs him everything.

Jason Green never for one minute expected the appalling violence and horror he would endure when he returned to Africa to pay his respects to an old friend.

A profound sense of guilt and nostalgia prompts London based ex soldier Jason Green to return to Africa for the funeral of an old friend killed in suspicious circumstances in The Zambezi Valley.

He is about to be sucked into the murky and brutal underworld of the illegal ivory trade. Grave injury and a burning desire for revenge thrust Green from the blistering heat of The Zambezi Valley to the tropical coast of Mozambique and beyond. Every tortured step of this journey is fraught with extreme danger and the ever present threat of death.

The Teeth Of Giants is the second novel by Gordon Wallis featuring his main character Jason Green. Readers of thrillers set in Africa will devour the frenetic pace and sheer brutality of this gritty crime thriller.

Pick up The Teeth Of Giants today and prepare for the ride of your life.



Another stunningly descriptive tale from Gordon Wallis..

After the death of Kriel, the adventure begins in this beautiful world, spoiled by the truly awful poachers, trading in ivory, rhino horn and more, mainly for the Chinese medicine market…..barbaric and brutal.

Jason needs to get a report to Switzerland and ending the vile trade in whatever way he can….I found this to be fast paced, exciting and has the feel of a classic adventure tale…..

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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US –


Author Bio –


Gordon Wallis is a 50 year old author based in Zimbabwe , Southern Africa. Born of

British parents he has lived there all his life. A keen reader of thriller novels , particularly those set in Africa , he has travelled extensively in Africa , Europe , The Middle East and Asia. He runs a number of businesses in Zimbabwe and is single.


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Enemy At The Window by A.J. Waines – Book Review



Someone knows what you did… and they’re watching you…

Daniel is living the dream with a devoted wife, perfect job and adorable toddler. Until, out of the blue, his wife accuses him of having an affair and stabs him in a frenzied attack with a kitchen knife. As his wife is sectioned in a psychiatric ward, Daniel returns home from intensive care to find his precious world is inexorably falling apart:

Who is prowling around his house?

Why is someone sending threatening postcards?

And who is his son talking to in the dead of night?

As Daniel attempts to put his life back together, a merciless force just out of reach is unravelling it, bit by bit, until Daniel is plunged into his worst nightmare.

Enemy at the Window is an utterly gripping psychological suspense thriller, full of secrets, lies and betrayal, leading to a heart-stopping conclusion. It will appeal to fans of authors such as C.L. Taylor, Mark Edwards and Sabine Durrant.




Where do I start? When the publishers say this is gripping, they’re not kidding!

Sophie stabbed her husband Daniel, of that there is no doubt……but why?

She had seen a love letter hidden in his jacket pocket, seen photos of him with another woman, but these had gone when she later looked for them…….is she paranoid or is he hiding his tracks?

Sophie is sectioned due to her state of mind, Daniel was in hospital for a while but is now home with their young son Ben…, but then things are being moved in the house and he hears Ben talking to someone, but when he checks, no one’s there…..just what is going on?

Rick, Daniel’s old friend is there to try and get him to socialise a little, to relax after the recent events…….but his life starts to fall apart little by little…….! Who is the victim here?

This is one of the most intense thrillers I’ve read. Full of lies, secrets, fear and betrayal and is totally compelling from its start to it’s astounding end. Absolutely stunning and I loved it….

Thank you to Bloodhound Books for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook.  This is my honest, unbiased review.


You can buy a copy here ( and it’s ONLY 99p for Kindle at the moment)




AJ Waines is a number one international bestselling author, topping the entire UK and Australian Kindle Charts in two consecutive years, with Girl on a Train. Following fifteen years as a psychotherapist, the author has sold nearly half a million copies of her books, with publishing deals in UK, France, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Czech Republic and Canada.

Her fourth psychological thriller, No Longer Safe, sold over 30,000 copies in the first month, in thirteen countries. AJ Waines has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Times and has been ranked a Top 10 UK author on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

She lives in Hampshire, UK, with her husband. Find her books here and visit her website and blog, or join her on Twitter, Facebook or on her Newsletter.




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Death In Avignon by Serena Kent – Book Review



Return to the warmth of Provence for the next delightful Penelope Kite mystery…

When Penelope Kite attends the opening of an art exhibition on the arm of the gorgeous Mayor of St Merlot, Laurent Millias, it seems she is finally settling into life in Provence. But beneath the glamour, trouble is lurking. Shockwaves ripple when British expat artist, Roland Doncaster, collapses after choking on an olive.

A tragic accident? Or was he poisoned? Penelope is thrust once again into the middle of a murder investigation, but when she casts suspicion on one of the Mayor’s friends, she finds herself out in the cold.

As winter draws in, Penelope must rely on the friendship of her local music group – including the dashing art dealer, Gilles de Bourdan – the support of the effervescent Frankie, and her own sleuthing instincts to untangle this mystery…



Penny has moved to France, for a new life after her divorce….

She has friends, the ‘sharp’ Clemence is chic and glamorous, takes Penny to Museums, Art Galleries and music events……the handsome Mayor, Laurent is a possible romance too and the marvellous Frankie brings some humour…

One evening at an art exhibition, an artist, Roland Galbraith Doncaster ‘Don’, collapses and later dies…..the police investigate this as a suspicious death….Penny had previously investigated a suspicious death (previous book) and she is again drawn into the mystery…

She had worked for the Home Office in Forensic Pathology, so she believes Don May have been poisoned!!

And so the investigation begins, with art forgery, smuggling and murder….all set in a marvellously idyllic lifestyle of rural France, with deliciously described food, wine and pastries….made my tummy rumble more than once..

There’s the chaos of Penny’s family arriving, a disagreeable police officer and a budding romance which makes this an absolutely charming cosy crime mystery. It has a clever plot and likeable, well drawn characters and a satisfying end…….one to enjoy, relaxing in the sunshine with a glass of wine…

Thank you to Tracy and Compulsive Readers for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook.  This is my honest, unbiased review.

You can buy a copy here



Serena Kent has been a journalist, a banker, a music composer and a sheep-shearer – and is also the nom de plume of Deborah Lawrenson and her husband Robert Rees. They live in Kent in a house full of books, and own a ramshackle old farmhouse on the slopes of the Luberon hills in Provence which is also in desperate need of some more bookshelves.

Deborah has previously published eight novels including The Art of Falling, The Lantern, The Sea Garden and 300 Days of Sun. Robert has previously published one novel, A Season in the Sun.


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Kill For Me by Rebecca Bradley – Book Review



A deadly game. An unstoppable killer. The perfect alibi.

Lucy Anderson is late collecting her daughter from nursery. A mistake that could prove fatal.

Her daughter is gone and there is only one way Lucy can get her back. The ransom is simple, she has to kill someone…

And this is just the beginning. A deadly game with a domino effect has started as the real killer forces others to do his bidding.

Can detective inspector Hannah Robbins find the killer’s next puppet before they’re forced to strike or will this be the case where her opponent has found the perfect way to kill?

Pick up Kill For Me for impossible choices and moral dilemmas and see where you would fall.

For fans of Peter James and Angela Marsons


What a tense read…..Lucy arrives to pick up,her daughter from nursery, but she is told someone has already collected her. They had received a call from her telephone number giving the authorisation…but Lucy hadn’t made any such call…

But then it gets worse… get her daughter back she is told what she needs to do…..but can she do it? And where will it end?

DI Hannah Robbins is investigating, but can she stop this before any further violence? This is such a clever thriller, with such clever plotting, that I can’t say much for fear of spoiling it, but it does make you wonder just how far would you go to save your child…….could you kill?

A brilliant, chilling and unsettling thriller….if you like a dark thriller you’ll love this…

Thank you to Damppebbles Blog Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.




Rebecca Bradley is a retired police detective. She lives in the UK with her family and her two cockapoo’s Alfie and Lola, who keep her company while she writes. Rebecca needs to drink copious amounts of tea to function throughout the day and if she could, she would survive on a diet of tea and cake while committing murder on a regular basis, in her writing of course.

She writes the DI Hannah Robbins police procedural series and has also released a standalone novel, Dead Blind, about a cop who acquires prosopagnosia, also known as face blindness.

To receive a free novella sign up to her readers’ club and you will be able to download the prequel to Hannah Robbins series. Find it on the blog at You’ll also be provided exclusive content and giveaways.

Social Media:





Amazon Author Page:


Purchase Links:


Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

Publishing Information:

Published in ebook and audio formats on 14th February 2019.



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The Journey by Conrad Jones – Book Review



One of the best books you will read this year..Outstanding!

A powerful and emotional read. The Journey is THE must-read thriller of 2019.

The gripping story of a young boy and his family, driven from their home by war and indiscriminate violence. Like millions of others, they attempt the treacherous journey across their war-torn continent, trying to reach the safety of Europe.

The truth is, Europe doesn’t want them and thousands die every month at the hands of thieves and profiteering men to whom life is cheap.

The story is fast-paced, at times funny, at times heart-breaking but it will pull you along at 100 miles an hour. It will make you think and it will make you question your perceptions.

Most of all it will make you ask if your family was in peril, what would you do?


Kalu is a Doctor, his 10 year old son Beb believes him to be the cleverest man in Nigeria….he has a wife, Esse, and 3 daughters, Oke, Kissie and Isime…

One day the Book Haram arrive in the small town of Monguno, Beb sees his friends shot and killed, but he managed to hide……but the soldiers eventually catch him, beat him and take him to the town centre, where they have gathered the survivors….

Luckily, the family have all made it, but they witness continued vicious and brutal killings by gun and machete, until a sniper shoots some of the boko rebels, in the panic, Kalu and his family escape and run to the surgery where Kalu has hidden emergency supplies, rucksacks, food and money……the plan is to run, to escape to Europe……by any means….to keep the family safe.

What follows is the traumatic tale of fear……the constant terror of the Boko catching up with them. But when they think they are safe, they find out that they can trust no one……greedy, unscrupulous men will just take everything, even the governments soldiers demand a bribe before letting anyone through the border….

Then Beb has a seizure, the result of his head injury, weak, he is left in their vehicle but when they return, the Land Cruiser is gone and so is Beb….

This is a heartbreaking tale of desperation, a man just wants to keep his family safe so he takes them on a dangerous journey to find some safety, but tragedy is never far away……this will really break your heart……then as you relax at the feeling of hope….it is ripped away…..time and time again….

An incredibly emotional and thought provoking read, that will highlight the desperation of those fleeing war and terror……just how far would you go to protect your family?……stunning writing by Conrad Jones…a must read.

Thank you to Sarah at Book On The Bright Side for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.

You can buy a copy here (99p for kindle at the moment or free on kindle unlimited)

Author Bio:


Conrad Jones a 52-year-old Author, living in Holyhead, Anglesey, which I class as my home, before starting a career as a trainee manger with McDonalds Restaurants in 1989. I worked in management at McDonalds Restaurants Ltd from 1989-2002, working my way up to Business Consultant (area manager) working in the corporate and franchised departments.

In March 1993 I was managing the Restaurant in Warrington`s Bridge St when two Irish Republican Army bombs exploded directly outside the store, resulting in the death of two young boys and many casualties. Along with hundreds of other people there that day I was deeply affected by the attack, which led to a long-term interest in the motivation and mind set of criminal gangs. I began to read anything crime related that I could get my hands on.

I link this experience with the desire to write books on the subject, which came much later due to an unusual set of circumstances. Because of that experience my early novels follow the adventures of an elite counter terrorist unit, The Terrorist Task Force, and their leader, John Tankersley, or `Tank`and they are the Soft Target Series, which have been described by a reviewer as ‘Reacher on steroids’.  

I had no intentions of writing until 2007, when I set off on an 11-week tour of the USA. The Day before I boarded the plane, Madeleine Mcann disappeared and all through the holiday I followed the American news reports which had little or no information about her. I didn’t realise it at the time, but the terrible kidnap would inspire my book, The Child Taker years later. During that trip, I received news that my house had been burgled and my work van and equipment were stolen. That summer was the year when York and Tewksbury were flooded by a deluge and insurance companies were swamped with claims. They informed me that they couldn’t do anything for weeks and that returning home would be a wasted journey. Rendered unemployed on a beach in Clearwater, Florida, I decided to begin my first book, Soft Target. I have never stopped writing since. I have recently completed my 20th novel, The Journey, something that never would have happened but for that burglary and my experiences in Warrington.

As far as my favourite series ever, it has to be James Herbert’s, The Rats trilogy. The first book did for me what school books couldn’t. It fascinated me, triggered my imagination and gave me the hunger to want to read more. I waited years for the second book, The Lair, and Domain, the third book to come out and they were amazing. Domain is one of the best books I have ever read. In later years, Lee Child, especially the early books, has kept me hypnotised on my sunbed on holiday as has Michael Connelley and his Harry Bosch Series.    


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Angenga by John Broughton – Book Review



When Rick Hughes receives a reliquary pendant as a gift from an old friend, he has no idea what’s coming next. Drawn to an old excavation site, Rick stumbles upon a portal that takes him back to the 8th century, in the middle of a Viking invasion.

After discovering a shocking link to the present, Rick is determined to intervene and save the village from devastation – and to find a scientific explanation for what is happening.

With the perils of 8th century England surrounding him, can Rick save his new friends and live to tell the tale?



Rick Hughes is contacted by an old friend, he wants to show him something….Gary, a metal detectorist, has found many treasures and reported them to the correct authorities, but he has found something special….a reliquary pendant ( a reliquary is a container for holy relics)….he gives it to Rick who wants it cleaned properly by a professional.

So we meet Esme, who cleans the ivory pendant… is from approximately 870 AD. Rick is immediately smitten by Esme and so a little romance begins.

The story then jumps 5 years ahead ( I have to admit it felt a bit odd to just jump 5 years mid chapter with no real reason for that amount of time)…

Rick and Esme are still together but only just, and Gary invites Rick to an Anglo-Saxon re-enactment event, so off the two of them go all dressed in costume and for a touch of realism, Gary wears the pendant….

Then the story really starts, Rick just touches the pendant and he wakes up a bit groggy 1100 years in the past….he meets local people and his double, Rinc and his wife, who is the double of Esme….this was real wasn’t it? Or is he losing his mind ?

Well it’s real and the adventure begins, he takes Gary and Esme back too and they become friends with the villagers. Gary learns how to make parchment, Esme helps a woman give birth by caesarean, Rick meets Vikings and convinces them he’s a seer…….but they then realise the Vikings are about to arrive and destroy the village and enslave or kill everyone…….So they make a plan to save them…

I loved this, the characters are so engaging and well rounded, and it feels like historical fiction due to the factual elements, which I found to be very interesting,  but with the sci-fi of time travel. Does time actually exist……? Well that’s a question to ponder…..I have to admit the science part went over my head, as quantum mechanics is beyond me, but this didn’t detract from this marvellously entertaining read. The epilogue is just brilliant.

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the book  and this is my honest, unbiased review

You can buy a copy here (only 99p for kindle at the moment too)




I was born in Cleethorpes Lincolnshire UK in 1948: just one of the post-war baby boom. After attending grammar school and studying to the sound of Bob Dylan I went to Nottingham University and studied Medieval and Modern History (Archaeology subsidiary). The subsidiary course led to one of my greatest academic achievements: tipping the soil content of a wheelbarrow from the summit of a spoil heap on an old lady hobbling past our dig. Well, I have actually done many different jobs while living in Radcliffe-on-Trent, Leamington, Glossop, the Scilly Isles, Puglia and Calabria. They include teaching English and History, managing a Day Care Centre, being a Director of a Trade Institute and teaching university students English. I even tried being a fisherman and a flower picker when I was on St. Agnes, Scilly. I have lived in Calabria since 1992 where I settled into a long-term job, for once, at the University of Calabria teaching English. No doubt my lovely Calabrian wife Maria stopped me being restless. My two kids are grown up now, but I wrote books for them when they were little. Hamish Hamilton and then Thomas Nelson published 6 of these in England in the 1980s. They are now out of print. I’m a granddad now and happily his parents wisely named my grandson Dylan. I decided to take up writing again late in my career. You know when you are teaching and working as a translator you don’t really have time for writing. As soon as I stopped the translation work I resumed writing in 2014. The fruit of that decision is my first historical novel, Die for a Dove, an archaeological thriller, followed by The Purple Thread and Wyrd of the Wolf, published by Endeavour Press, London. Both are set in my favourite Anglo- Saxon period. Currently my third and fourth novels are available too, Saints and Sinners and its sequel Mixed Blessings set on the cusp of the eighth century in Mercia and Lindsey. A fifth Sward and Sword will be published in November 2019 About the great Earl Godwine. Creativia Publishing have released Perfecta Saxonia and Ulf’s Tale. about King Aethelstan and King Cnut’s empire respectively. Shortly, in May 2019, they will publish In the Name of the Mother, a sequel to Wyrd of the Wolf.

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Three: Deception Love Murder by KJ McGillick – Book Review



THREE: Deception Love Murder

Inviting a stranger into your home can be dangerous. Inviting a stranger into your life can turn deadly.

How would you feel if you discovered your death was meticulously planned by someone you loved?

You didn’t know how or when or even why. All you could do was wait.

Emma has it all-a job she loves and a man who professed to love her.

Or did she? How could she be so blind?

When her lover’s car is found burned and abandoned in another state, the police come asking some hard questions. What she discovers upends her world completely. Jude had been living a double life right under her nose. A deceitful life, a treacherous life. Who was this man that had already groomed another woman to take over Emma’s life? A woman who was Emma’s body double and now dead.

Why had she so easily trusted this psychopath with her heart? Betrayed on every level, consequences not of Emma’s making were nipping at her heels. Tick. Tock.

THREE is a gripping crime thriller that will have you hooked. A fast-paced psychological thriller that has been compared to the works of Dan Brown. It can be read as a standalone and serves as the first book in the Path of Deception and Betrayal series.



This is a clever crime thriller, with lies, betrayal, danger and a little romance ….

It’s full of great characters and enough twists and surprises to keep you intrigued….

Emma wakes one day to find her boyfriend, Jude has disappeared….then the surprises start, a safety deposit box in her name that she knew nothing about….and so much more (no spoilers here)…she also finds out her friend, Cillian, is actually an undercover FBI agent and he’s interested in Jude!

Aunt Mary is another great character, quirky and eccentric and brings a little light humour to the story……a clever, well plotted and engrossing thriller…

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.


Purchase Links:

US –

UK –

Three will be 99 p/c for the duration of the tour.

Book Trailer:


Author Bio –

KJ. McGillick was born in New York and once she started to walk she never stopped running. But that’s what New Yorker’s do. Right? A Registered Nurse, a lawyer now author.

As she evolved so did her career choices. After completing her graduate degree in nursing, she spent many years in the university setting sharing the dreams of the enthusiastic nursing students she taught. After twenty rewarding years in the medical field she attended law school and has spent the last twenty-four years as an attorney helping people navigate the turbulent waters of the legal system. Not an easy feat. And now? Now she is sharing the characters she loves with readers hoping they are intrigued by her twisting and turning plots and entertained by her writing.


Social Media Links –


Kathleen McGillick





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The Case by Leopold Borstinski – Book Review



One Private Eye. One Case. One sackful of trouble.

When Jake agrees to take a package across America, he doesn’t know if he’ll live to tell the tale. If the CIA, the Feds and the British Secret Service don’t get him then the mob will. How’s a cowardly private dick going to survive in these bloody times?

The Case is a stand-alone pulp noir novel. A wry take on the jaw-dropping violent side of private investigator life by Leopold Borstinski, writer of the six-book Lagotti Family series.



This is classic pulp noir, a Private Investigator who gets caught up with the Mob, putting himself in more danger than you can shake a stick at….

Our PI is investigating ‘The Case’ ….a huge case that will hopefully bring some reward……with plenty of background into previous cases you really get a feel for Jake as a character.

This is a dark, violent and at times sexy and shows the seedy and unpleasant side to the characters and the lifestyle they lead….a compelling and entertaining read.

Thank you to Damppebbles Blog Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.

About the Author

Leopold Borstinski is an independent author whose past careers have included financial journalism, business management of financial software companies, consulting and product sales and marketing, as well as teaching.

There is nothing he likes better so he does as much nothing as he possibly can. He has travelled extensively in Europe and the US and has visited Asia on several occasions. Leopold holds a Philosophy degree and tries not to drop it too often.

He lives near London and is married with one wife, one child and no pets.


Social Media:




Amazon Author Page:

Purchase Links:

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

Publishing Information:

Published in paperback and ebook formats by Sobriety Press on 23rd June 2019.


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Bloodrush by Ben Galley – Book Review




Book 1 of The Scarlet Star Trilogy

Prime Lord Hark lies dead in a pool of his own blood.

The Empire is in turmoil. The Emerald Benches are leaderless. Queen Victorious calls for justice. But none of this matters to Lord Hark’s thirteen year-old son, Tonmerion, who abruptly finds himself orphaned and now in the charge of an estranged aunt. An undertaker, no less, who lives far across the Iron Ocean, at the very brink of the Endless Land and all known civilisation. In a place they call Fell Falls, Wyoming.

In the dusty frontier town of Fell Falls, Merion finds no silverware, no servants, no plush velvet nor towering spires. Only dust, danger, and the railway. Tonmerion has only one friend to help him escape the torturous heat and unravel his father’s murder. A fae warrior named Rhin. An embittered, twelve-inch tall outcast of the Undering whose past refuses to let go of him.

But there are darker things at work in Fell Falls, and not just the railwraiths or the savages baying for blood. Secrets lurk in Merion’s bloodline.

Secrets that will redefine him.



Tonmerion Hark is expecting to inherit his father’s wealth and power after his death, but his father’s last wishes state he must go to America first……to Wyoming, the Wild West.

So at 13 years old, off he goes, he meets Rhin, a faerie who becomes his best friend…This is a western with a difference, a fantasy with a magickal element. (That’s magick with a K).

Tonmerion is a spoiled brat, who whines and moans about nearly everything….he won’t listen to advice and gets him into some awkward situations.

There are railwraiths that eat railway workers, blood magic and of course faeries!

A coming of age story for Tonmerion and is a quite slow paced tale to begin with,  as its setting the scene! I love the world building, the descriptive writing really brings it to life, in all its violent, magick glory and the deft one-liners add some humour too.

Thank you to The Write Reads and Ben Galley for a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.


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Murder In The Fens by Clare Chase – Book Review



When the body of twenty-year-old Julie Cooper is found – her pockets stuffed full of wilting flowers – in an iron-age hill fort on the edge of the fens, Detective Tara Thorpe and her team are called in to investigate. The evidence points to an illicit affair gone wrong… but is there more to the story?

As always at the Cambridge Constabulary, the case turns personal. Detective Blake is exhausted after the arrival of a new baby with wayward wife Babette, and Tara is keen to put as much distance between herself and Blake as she can – both at the station and on the hunt for the killer. Charming rookie officer Jez is the perfect distraction… but is he a little too good to be true?

Then Tara makes a startling breakthrough when she finds an unsettling family heirloom hidden in the late victim’s bedroom – a golden statue of a sinister-looking cat with emerald eyes. As she traces its origins, Tara begins to realise that Julie’s murder is no one-off crime, but a sinister plot with its roots in a terrible secret that was covered up decades earlier.

An unputdownable page-turner, perfect for fans of Faith Martin, Agatha Christie and Joy Ellis. Can be read as a standalone.


The Tara Thorpe Mystery Series:

Book 1 – Murder on the Marshes

Book 2 – Death on the River

Book 3 – Death Comes to Call

Book 4 – Murder in the Fens



Murder in the Fens is the fourth book in the Tara Thorpe series, but I found it can easily be read as a standalone.

Tara used to be a journalist before joining the police, she finds her experience helps with her investigations…

The body of a young woman, Julie Cooper,  is found and Tara starts her investigation, with several suspects she has concerns her ‘friend’ Bella knows more than she is telling….

I liked the fast pace of this and they way the detectives thoughts change the more they find out and it gradually builds the picture and the tension….Tara’s stalker is back……will she find out who it is?

Great building of the relationships between the colleagues too……and their messy personal lives adds a feeling of reality to this clever, twisty and compelling cosy mystery. I can thoroughly recommend it.

Thank you to Bookouture for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my in honest, unbiased review.

You can buy a copy here


Author Bio:

Clare Chase writes women sleuth mysteries and recently signed a three-book deal with Bookouture for a new crime series set in Cambridge. The opening book, Murder on the Marshes, is available for pre-order and will publish in July 2018. The mystery follows investigative journalist Tara Thorpe as she teams up with Detective Garstin Blake to solve the murder of a young female professor at Cambridge University. The case takes them through the dark underbelly of Cambridge and in to the murky fens that surround the centuries-old city. The second and third books in the series are scheduled for publication in late 2018/early 2019.

After graduating from London University with a degree in English Literature, Clare moved to Cambridge and has lived there ever since. She’s fascinated by the city’s contrasts and contradictions, which feed into her writing. She’s worked in diverse settings – from the 800-year-old University to one of the local prisons – and lived everywhere from the house of a Lord to a slug-infested flat. The terrace she now occupies, with her husband and teenage children, presents a good happy medium.

As well as writing, Clare loves family time, art and architecture, cooking, and of course, reading other people’s books.

Clare’s debut novel, You Think You Know Me, was shortlisted for the Novelicious Undiscovered Award 2012, and an EPIC award in 2015. It was also chosen as a debut of the month by Lovereading.

You can find Clare’s website and blog at

Author Social Media Links:




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Keep You Close by Karen Cleveland – Book Review



Keep You Close is the hotly anticipated new thriller

from the bestselling author of Need to Know.

A strange sensation runs through me, a feeling that I don’t know this person in front of me, even though he matters more to me than anyone ever has, than anyone ever will.

You go into your son’s bedroom. It’s the usual mess. You tidy up some dirty plates, pick up some clothes, open the wardrobe to put them away.

And that’s when you find it. Something so shocking it doesn’t seem real.

And you realize a horrifying truth…

Your own son might be dangerous…

Karen Cleveland brings her trademark themes of domesticity and deceit to bear in this gripping new stand-alone thriller that will make you question how much you really know about the child you raised.



Keep You Close is a political thriller with a mix of family drama…

Steph is an FBI Agent in Internal Affairs, she’s a single mum to Zach, her 17 year old son…She’s feeling more and more distanced from Zach as he’s moody and sullen, but this is just the teenage years……isn’t it?

One evening while he’s in the shower, Steph goes into his bedroom, just to pick up after him and finds a gun… shock, she plans to confront him about it, but there’s a knock on the door…..

Her ex and fellow agent tells her Zach is mixed up with an anarchist group, who are planning attacks……she doesn’t believe it, but that gun is still bothering her. Steph is determined and will use all her expertise to find out what is going on and to exonerate her son…….is he innocent ? Where will her loyalties lie….her son or her country?

This feels very topical, with the mention of Russia interfering with ‘elections’ and domestic terrorism…

A twisty, action packed espionage/conspiracy theory and political thriller with a classic feel…..cleverly plotted and totally gripping….

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the book. This is my honest, unbiased review

You can buy a copy here



About the author:


Karen Cleveland spent eight years as a CIA analyst, focusing on counterterrorism and working briefly on rotation to the FBI. She has master’s degrees from Trinity College Dublin and Harvard University. She lives in northern Virginia with her husband and two young sons.

For more information and review copies, please contact

Becky Short | 020 8231 6623


Praise for Karen Cleveland:


‘Cleveland deliciously ratchets up the tension at every turn . . . you won’t be able to put it down until the final, stunning page!’ – SHARI LAPENA, author of THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR


‘Heart-poundingly suspenseful and heart-wrenchingly insightful.’ – J. P. DELANEY, author of THE GIRL BEFORE


‘This compulsive, clever thriller will have you reading long into the night.’ – Red

‘Thrillers don’t get much more twisty and turny than this one’ – BBC Arts and Entertainment


Impressively compelling . . . this is probably the banker among the New Year crop thanks to its sheer page-turning readability.’ – The Mail on Sunday


Keep You Close is the heart-pounding, twisty follow up to Need to Know, one of 2018’s biggest thriller debuts. Need to Know was purchased by Transworld in a whirlwind 24-hour auction, with rights sold in 22 territories and Charlize Theron set to produce and star in the upcoming film. The book received critical acclaim and was a Simon Mayo Book Club pick.


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Whisper In The Night by DK Hood – Book Review



She opens her eyes and struggles to make out the dark room around her. One thing she knows instantly – her wrists are bound and she’s tied to a chair, unable to move. As she screams for help, she hears footsteps outside. He’s coming…

Fifteen-year-old Lindy Rosen has been having nightmares for weeks, waking in a panic, screaming that there’s a man in her room watching her sleep. Her parents assumed it was her overactive imagination, but when one morning they find Lindy missing from her bedroom, they’re not so sure. Detective Jenna Alton is called in to investigate.

Within hours of the schoolgirl going missing, the kidnapper reaches out to Jenna with a video of Lindy bound and tied to a chair, crying to be set free. And a simple message – you’ve got 24 hours to find her or I kill her.

Jenna’s team work around the clock to try to find Lindy before the deadline, but time runs out, and Jenna receives a devastating message. The killer has made good on his promise. He’s playing a dangerous game. And no one knows what his next move will be.

But just two days later, one of Lindy’s school friends is taken in the middle of the night and the countdown begins again.

Completely addictive from the very start, if you like Lisa Regan, Karin Slaughter and Rachel Abbott you’ll love Whisper in the Night.

**Each Kane and Alton book can be read as part of the series or as a standalone**


This is #6 in the Kane and Alton series by DK Hood, but can easily be read as a stand-alone.

In Black Rock Falls, young Lindy has nightmares and she sees a man in her room, the Grim Reaper. Her father reassures her it’s just a dream, but by morning she has disappeared…..

Sheriff Jenna Alton puts the search protocol in place, but she receives a text message and a video, telling her they have 6 hours to find Lindy or she will die….

They do their very best, calling in everyone to help search, including Atohi a Native American to help with tracking…..but they are too late and find her body and a booby trap….

Then another girl goes missing……..the Shadow Man has a plan and Jenna is the ultimate prize….

I love the relationship between Kane and Alton, it’s gradually growing and they clearly have a lot of respect for each other. Both are completely driven in their determination to catch the Shadow Man…..and prevent anymore deaths…..and Duke is a darling character….

This is a stunning thriller, with enough creepy suspects to keep you guessing right to the nerve wracking end…

Thank you to Bookouture for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.


Author Bio:


I’ve always had a wicked sense of humour and was the kid who told the ghost stories around the campfire. I am lucky to have family all over the world and have spent many vacations in places from Paris France to Montana USA and Australia. I use the wonderful memories from these visits to enhance my stories.

My interest in the development of forensic science to solve crime goes back many years. I enjoy writing crime, mystery and thrillers. With many stories, waiting for me to write I’ll look forward to sharing many spine-tingling stories with you.

D.K. Hood is an active member of International Thriller Writers.

Author Social Media Links:








Apple Books:




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Death Of An Angel by Derek Farrell – Book Review



A woman is found dead in a London street – the evidence suggests she plummeted to her death from a nearby tower block – but did she fall or was she pushed? And why does she have Danny Bird’s name written on the back of her hand?

So begins this 4th magnificent outing for Danny and the gang from The Marq.

In the frame for a murder he didn’t commit, London’s self-proclaimed Sherlock Homo has no choice but to don his metaphorical deerstalker one more time to prove his innocence and uncover the truth about the tragic death of Cathy Byrne.

With the indomitably louche Lady Caz by his side, Danny plunges headlong into a complex investigation while at the same time trying to be a dutiful son to his increasingly secretive parents, and still find the time to juggle his frustratingly moribund love-life.



This is Book 4 in the Danny Bird series by Derek Farrell and I found it easy to read as a stand-alone.

Danny Bird runs a pub, The Marquess of Queensbury….The Marq, but he also refers to himself as ‘Sherlock Homo’…..his love life is a bit complicated, he’s gay and in a relationship with Nick, while it’s going well, Nick has a wife….so yep, complicated.

It starts with Danny’s family wanting him to find out what’s going on with their parents, both seem upset by something but say all is fine….then he is interviewed by the police as a recent ‘ suicide ‘ victim had his name on her hand and the pubs telephone number in her phone……so he starts looking into this too.

His lawyer Dot, also asks him for a favour, a client has died, another apparent suicide and she asks him to investigate this too….

So there are so many seemingly different stories, but just how are they linked??

I loved the characters in this, Danny and Nick, Lady Caz and her booze and the relationships they all have, such a close group of friends and family….I felt I knew them all by the end. A clever, funny, twisty crime thriller that’s an entertaining and intriguing read.

Thank you to Damppebbles Blog Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.


About Derek Farrell:



Derek Farrell is the author of the Danny Bird Mysteries, ‘Death of a Diva,’ ‘Death of a Nobody’ ‘Death of a Devil,’ and ‘Death of an Angel.’

He was educated in Dublin, and, whilst waiting to become a writer of fabulous crime novels has passed his time being a burger dresser, bank cashier, David Bowie’s paperboy, and an Investment Banker in New York’s World Trade Centre (a bit like The Wolf of Wall Street, only with fewer hookers and more midgets, since you ask).

He is married and divides his time between London, West Sussex and Dublin.

Derek loves to hear from his readers, and can be contacted via Twitter: @derekifarrell or at his sparkly new website

His books can be purchased as paperbacks or ebooks direct from the publisher Fahrenheit Press at:

Or from Amazon:

Death of a Diva

Death of a Nobody

Death of a Devil

Death of an Angel

Death of a Diva is also available as a deluxe edition Hardback limited to only 50 Copies worldwide. 


Social Media:




Amazon Author Page:

Purchase Links:

Fahrenheit Press:

Amazon UK:

Amazon US:

Publishing Information:

Published by Fahrenheit Press in paperback and eBook formats on 27th February 2019.




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Copycat by C.S.Barnes – Book Review



When the body of a young woman, Jenni Grantham, is found abandoned in the playing fields that sit at the centre of a small town, DI Melanie Watton and her team are called to investigate. If the discovery alone wasn’t disturbing enough, it soon becomes apparent that the murder, the method and the appearance of the victim, is something they have seen before.

With the help of Medical Examiner George Waller, DI Watton uncovers the case history of Michael Richards – a local murderer who put this small town on the map when he killed five women before turning himself in.

Further investigations reveal that the most recent victim, Jenni, was recently reported missing by her parents. And when Jenni’s personal effects are introduced into the investigation, shocking discoveries are made about the victim’s fascination with the original killings.

However, when the ME makes a surprise discovery, things appear even more complicated than the team originally believed, and DI Watton realises that Jenni was perhaps not the only local with a fixation on these infamous killings.

With a copycat killer on the loose, the team know it is only a matter of time before another body is discovered. But when a second murder does take place, the team find themselves questioning everything they thought they knew…


16 year old Jenni Grantham’s body is found, strangled with a plastic bag taped over her head……a note is found “Remember Me”

DI Melanie Watton remembers the old Michael Richards case, he killed young women so he could be famous, is there a link? She starts her investigation by talking to Jenni’s friends, Patrick and Eleanor, do they know who she was meeting?

Her colleagues, DS Edd Carter and DC Chris Burton, begin trawling through CCTV and Jenni’s computer and find disturbing messages from TheRealMichaelRichards…..just what were they planning …?

But then Patrick goes missing and again they find messages from the same person on his computer….will they find Patrick and is Eleanor in danger too?

I found this to be a gripping police procedural with a fast pace that really keeps you on tenterhooks. I loved the characters, with their personal lives and human problems and also the relationship between them all…a great team.

The emotions of the bereaved parents felt real and it helped build the tension right up to the incredible yet depressing end…….

A clever, tense and thought provoking read that feels all too possible …..I hope to read more of DI Watton and her team…

Thank you to Bloodhound Books for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook.  This is my honest, unbiased review.

You can buy a copy here



C.S. Barnes (Charley to her long-time pals) is a Worcestershire-based writer and poet who has recently achieved her Doctorate degree in Creative Writing, and now spends a lot of her time wondering what to do with it. She is a lecturer, content writer, tea-drinker and book-reader with a passion for psychological thrillers that shines through her own work.

Barnes is also one of three directors of Worcestershire LitFest and Fringe literary festival and, independently of this, she runs her own monthly open mic/spoken word event in Worcester City Centre, titled Dear Listener.

She published her debut short story collection in May 2017, titled The Women You Were Warned About (Black Pear Press), and her debut poetry pamphlet, A Z-hearted Guide to Heartache, will be published be in July 2018 (V. Press). Never Forget Your First will be Barnes’s debut novel, due for publication with Bloodhound Books in 2019.

For writerly updates you can follow Barnes on Twitter: @charleyblogs

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Moonstomp by Tim Wells – Book Review


1979: punk, reggae, boots, braces, and button down shirts. The full moon rises, a skinhead’s sideburns grow. Packed full of music, style, and bovver, Moonstomp is the written in blood story of a teenage skinhead who’s also a werewolf. Aggro on the streets of London has never been like this.


The full moon rises and bodies fall.


This pulp novel is in the style of the 70s skinhead/Hell’s Angels books churned out by the New English Library, books that were passed round school such as Skinhead, Suedehead, Chopper, and Speed Freaks.

Tim Wells was a crop headed yoof that saw the bands, bought the records, and looked sharp. He’s still got an overflowing shelf of 70s pulp classics and sports Brutus button down shirts and knows how to shine his brogues.

Howling back to the days when we used to pass the Skinhead and Hell’s Angels books around school, and watched Hammer Horror films at home on our black-and-white televisions, Tim Wells has written a fiendish tale of a skinhead werewolf rampaging through London in 1979. Being a sharp-dressed lad (still), the clothes and music are spot on. Snap up a copy before it bites your hand off. John King, author of Football Factory, Human Punk, Skinheads, and more.

Skinheads and werewolves and reggae and boozers, lager and kicking in fat city losers, Punk rock and Sta-prest when Lene she sings. Tim Wells has written a novel about a few of my favourite things… You can feel the sticky floors of the gigs and the sweaty menace is tangible as you read Tim Wells’ swaggering prose. This is no rose tinted amble down memory lane. The landscape of his world is a London that was swallowed whole by the eighties. For a book so full of life, there’s a lot of death in it as well. Beautiful. Brutal. Brutus. It’s got the lot!  Phill Jupitus



Joe Bovshover, works in a print shop during the day and is a skinhead. He’s sharp dressed in regulation DM’s, button down shirts and braces……he’s also a werewolf!

Bitten on the cheek by Lene Lovich at a gig, he keeps waking up covered in blood but with no memory of how he got home…..must be the booze right?

This is a wild ride through the late 70’s with its music, culture and politics.

”Maggie Thatcher, milk snatcher’

Such close attention to detail, books of the time (Pan Horror, of which I still have a few), the blakeys on boots and shoes…..(I can hear that tap shoe click in my mind) and the huge range of music….punk, ska, reggae etc….and the fashion that went with it….

A time when Camden Market was real and ‘unique’..

A brilliant social commentary with the horror of a werewolf in London…brutal and thoroughly entertaining…..I hope there’s a follow up!

“There was a monster sat in Downing Street intent on tearing the country apart and eating it’s beating heart”

Thank you to The Author and The Pigeonhole for a free ecopy of Moonstomp. This is my honest and unbiased review.

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It’s Not You, It’s Him by Sophie Ranald – Book Review



New Year’s Eve. The most overrated night of the year, right? I have to get through a night of enforced fun, drink all the prosecco and talk about new beginnings. But I don’t want new beginnings. I want my old beginning back.

It’s been ten days, two hours and forty-three minutes since Tansy got dumped. Two heartbreaking weeks since Renzo, who made her weak at the knees and dizzy with excitement, found out Tansy’s secret – and ended it on the spot.

Since then, she’s spent every evening scrolling through their old photos, drunk texted him twenty-six times (he stopped reading after five), and lost count of how many packets of Kleenex she’s cried her way through.

That’s where Operation Get Renzo Back comes in. She ropes in a new wing-woman, maxes out her credit card and accidentally-on-purpose bumps into him at every opportunity. Oh, and she finds a fake boyfriend, as you do…

But while she’s busy pretending, Tansy’s plan is thrown a major curveball. She has to learn the hard way that it’s not her, it’s him – and that sometimes, a break-up can end up being the making of you.

A fresh, funny and fabulous novel for anyone who has been dumped, got a post-break-up haircut, stalked an ex on Facebook, and then realised they were WAY better off without them. Fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk and Matt Dunn will love this laugh-out-loud read.


It’s Not You It’s Him is the story of Tansy…when Renzo told he loved her, Tansy felt the same but just had to tell him about her past….he dumped her there and then leaving her to rerun the scene over and over in her head.

Her flat mates are having a quiet evening to see in the New Year…..with lots of Prosecco flowing, she makes a New Years Resolution, she’s going to get Renzo back…….but after 26 texts (some drunken……we’ve all done it!!) and no response….she starts to make her plans…

She gets herself in a bit of a mess with her finances, but carries on her plan, arranging to be in the same places as Renzo by ‘accident’…..when this doesn’t work she starts to realise, maybe the problem is not her but him…

Tansy starts to grow up and realise the special someone may be closer than you think …

An amusing read but also it touches on the more emotive subjects of eating disorders, gambling and the exploitation of low paid workers…..thoroughly entertaining.

Thank you to Bookouture for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my in honest, unbiased review.

Author Bio:


Sophie Ranald is the youngest of five sisters. She was born in Zimbabwe and lived in South Africa until an acute case of itchy feet brought her to London in her mid-20s. As an editor for a customer publishing agency, Sophie developed her fiction-writing skills describing holidays to places she’d never visited. In 2011, she decided to disregard all the good advice given to aspiring novelists and attempt to write full-time. After one false start, It Would Be Wrong to Steal My Sister’s Boyfriend (Wouldn’t It?) seemed to write itself. Her second, third and fourth novels followed, and The Truth About Gemma Grey was released in summer 2017. Sophie also writes for magazines and online about food, fashion, finance and running. She lives in south-east London with her amazing partner Hopi and Purrs, their adorable little cat.


To find out about Sophie’s forthcoming releases and get access to free books and special offers, sign up to her newsletter at or

Author Social Media Links:


Twitter: @SophieRanald  




Title: It’s Not You It’s Him

Author: Sophie Ranald

Publication Day: 18/06/2019

Buy Links:


Apple Books: