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Savage Games by Peter Boland -Book Review



A body hidden in a tree.

A forest full of dark secrets.

A man determined to find the truth…

“Wow. Just seriously wow!” Goodreads reviewer, five stars

John Savage receives the shocking news that his friend has been found dead in bizarre circumstances. His body hidden in the branches of a towering fir tree in the New Forest. Savage vows to find out who is responsible.

Together with brilliant computer hacker Tannaz, he discovers his friend was down on his luck, living among those who society would rather forget – the dregs, the desperate and the homeless. Entering this dark and dangerous world, Savage soon discovers that the death of his friend was just the tip of the iceberg…

Savage Games is a bestselling, fast-paced action thriller for fans of James Patterson, Lee Child and David Baldacci.




This is #2 of Peter Boland’s books to feature John Savage, while I haven’t, Yet, read number 1, this in no way affected my enjoyment of Savage Games.

John Savage is nearing 60, but is coping with his PTSD and his grief at losing his wife and daughter, by teaching, young hacker, Tannaz to fight…..not neat tidy fighting, but street fighting. With viper like reflexes, she’s strong, feisty and a great character.

Just after a training session, young Luke arrives and asks for Savage’s help, his dad had died, Suicide? As he had been an old school friend of Savage, he asks for help clearing his flat in bit of a rough neighbourhood.

However, a short time later, Further tragedy strikes… there something more sinister going on…..Savage is driven to find out more and finds a very different world, with some fantastic characters that really make this a compelling, violent and gripping thriller. I’ll never look at the picturesque New Forest in the same way again!

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After studying to be an architect, Pete realised he wasn’t very good at it. He liked designing buildings he just couldn’t make them stand up, which is a bit of a handicap in an industry that likes to keep things upright. So he switched to advertising, writing ads for everything from cruise lines to zombie video games.

After becoming disillusioned with working in ad agencies, he switched to writing novels (or was it because he wanted to work at home in his pyjamas?). He soon realised there’s no magic formula. You just have to put one word in front of the other (and keep doing that for about a year). It also helps if you can resist the lure of surfing, playing Nintendo Switch with his son, watching America’s Next Top Model with his daughter and drinking beer in a garden chair.  


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Forms Of Things Unknown by Elizabeth Ireland – Book Review



Recently returned to Chicago after a successful tour of Hamlet, Lillian Nolan is awakened in the dead of night by a strange voice. She is shocked to learn that well known and admired actress, Louise Hawthorne, has fallen to her death from the sixth floor of the Tremont House. Was it an accident? Did she jump or was she pushed? Louise’s former lover, and the main suspect, pleads with Lillian to uncover the truth and clear his name.

In the process of learning to trust her intuitive abilities, Lillian attempts to find balance between relying upon her gift and uncovering the truth in her own way. But the menace of death pursues her and soon her own life is at risk. When she finds herself in a trap from which she cannot escape, her only hope of survival is to call upon the metaphysical world.

Forms of Things Unknown is based on an actual event which occurred in June of 1876 in Chicago. It is the third standalone book in the Backstage Mystery Series.


Tagline: Life upon the wicked stage can be deadly.

Set against the backdrop of the Gilded Age, the Backstage Mystery Series stars Lillian Nolan, an unconventional member of Chicago’s upper class who dreams of a career of fortune and fame in the theater. Talented and ambitious, she possesses a hidden skill which she is extremely reluctant to use—the ability to communicate with those who have died and now live in the world of “The Beyond.”

The series chronicles her adventures in which she continually becomes enmeshed in solving mysteries which often require her accessing the realm of the paranormal. Filled with an incredible cast of characters—factual, fictional, and sometimes non-physical—who either help or hinder her quest for the truth, the stories take place during a period considered to be the golden age of both acting and spiritualism in America.



As always I really enjoyed catching up with Lillian and her memoirs….while this is the third in the Backstage Mystery Series, it can quite easily be read as a stand-alone.

I loved the little factual elements to this story, mentions of a patent for the telephone, popular fiction of the time and the general lifestyle, which just brought the story to life.

Lillian is again called on to help solve the suspicious death of an actress, did she fall or was she pushed……can Lillian find out with the help of her spirit guide….? Using her own deductive skills, she starts to find the answer but puts herself in danger as a result..

An absolute charming, cosy mystery with a haunting feel. Marvellously engaging writing as always by Elizabeth Ireland.

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Elizabeth Ireland discovered her passion for theater early. After receiving

undergraduate and graduate degrees in Theater, she accepted a teaching position in a vibrant performing arts department at a college in northern Illinois. For ten years, she taught, directed and ran front-of-house operations. American Theater History—

particularly that of the 19th century—has always been of particular interest to her.

She has been a quarter-finalist and a semi-finalist for the Don and Gee Nicholl Fellowship In screenwriting sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Two of her screenplays have been optioned, but remain unproduced. Her nonfiction work, Women of Vision: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives, was published in 2008. Her work has also been published in a collection of paranormal short stories, Paramourtal: Tales of Undying Love and Loving the Undead. She lives in metro Atlanta with her ever-patient husband, and two quirky dachshunds.


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