Dead is Beautiful by Jo Perry – Book Review




Dead is Beautiful (Charlie and Rose Investigate Book #4) by Jo Perry

DEAD IS BEAUTIFUL finds Rose leading Charlie from the peace of the afterlife to the place he hates most on earth, “Beverly Fucking Hills,” where a mature, protected tree harboring a protected bird is being illegally cut down.

The tree-assault leads Charlie and Rose to a to murder and to the person Charlie loathes most in life and in death, the sibling he refers to only as “his shit brother,” who is in danger.

Charlie fights-across the borders of life and death–for the man who never fought for him, and with the help of a fearless Scotsman, a beautiful witch, and a pissed-off owl, Charlie must stop a cruel and exploitative scheme and protect his beloved Rose.



This is #4 in the Charlie and Rose investigate series, but I found it easy to read as a stand-alone.

Charlie and his beautiful dog Rose are just floating about, when Rose starts barking and Charlie has to follow her….

She’s upset at a tree being felled, and a poor little owl family in distress. Running to defend the tree and the owls, is the naked, Eleanor Starfeather, house sitter, doula and witch.

However the house she is sitting, belongs to Charlie’s ‘shit brother’ and his wife and he is drawn back to a place he doesn’t want to be.

Charlie and Rose then witness the murder of Kim, a foul, vicious woman who demands Charlie finds out who murdered her or she will make his and Rose’s life hell…..and so it begins…

All sorts of crazy mishaps and marvellous characters, from an owl on a revenge mission, a mini driving Scot and Charlie’s shit brother….

There is a lot of humour, but also a murder mystery, with politics, housing developments and conservation in this unique, entertaining tale of the afterlife and not wanting to let go…..

Thank you to Damppebbles Blog Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review.


About The Author


Jo Perry earned a Ph.D. in English, taught college literature and writing,  produced and wrote episodic television, and published articles, book reviews, and poetry.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, novelist Thomas Perry.    They have two adult children. Their two dogs are rescues.

Jo is the author of DEAD IS BETTER, DEAD IS BEST, DEAD IS GOOD, and DEAD IS BEAUTIFUL, a dark, comic mystery series from Fahrenheit Press.


Social Media:

Twitter: @JoPerryAuthor




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Published by Fahrenheit 13 in paperback and ebook formats on 13th February 2019.



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