The Mothers Mistake by Ruth Heald – Book Review



Everyone makes mistakes. But does everyone deserve to be forgiven?

She runs past the tinkling of children’s laughter that fills the park. Heart hammering, feet stinging, she reaches the riverbank, her breath catching in her throat. And then she sees…


Three years later.


Claire has everything she’s always wanted. A new-born baby. A doting husband by her side. A picturesque home in the countryside.

But behind closed doors, Claire’s life is falling apart. Her husband is barely ever home, she’s struggling to bond with her baby girl, and she swears that she is being watched in the remote, lonely cottage.

And when a threatening note is posted through her letterbox, saying she doesn’t deserve her daughter, it’s clear that someone knows about the terrible mistake that Claire made – someone won’t let her forget it. Three years ago, she would have known who to turn to. But now she no longer recognises those closest to her, or the person she’s become. Who can she trust?

An atmospheric, chilling and absolutely unputdownable psychological thriller about a mother’s worst nightmare. Fans of K.L. Slater, Shalini Boland and The Girl on the Train will love the twists, turns and gasp-worthy shocks of this stunning debut from Ruth Heald.


Matt’s mother Ruth has offered her recently deceased mothers cottage, for him, Claire and Olivia to live in rent they take her up on the offer, which will give them time to save for a deposit on their own home. They move from busy London to a lovely village……

But, the cottage is just behind Ruth and Jacks home and she keeps letting herself in and refusing to clear her mother’s belongings, so the cottage is cluttered, causing more stress for an already worried Claire….

Matt is busy setting up his new veterinary practice and is away from home for long hours and Claire, who used to be a journalist, is struggling with caring for Olivia…she does have a new friend in Emma with baby Lizzie but continues to feel she cannot cope and worries she isn’t bonding with Olivia…

Then she gets a note, someone knows her past, her secret……and so the tension starts to build.

Claire’s sense of paranoia continues, strange noises, things being moved in the house…she’s just tired…isn’t she?

Matt becomes worried about her and so after seeing a doctor, Claire is diagnosed with post natal depression…Emma is so supportive, her only friend!

The chapters of the unknown woman and the horrific abuse she is suffering at the hands of her husband were hard to read……I wondered where the link between the two stories was……there’s a shock I wasn’t expecting !!!!

The Mother’s Mistake is a tense, compelling and at times brutal read, with many twists….the final reveal will leave you speechless….Brilliant writing by Ruth Heald…I loved every minute…

Thank you to Bookouture for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook  in exchange for my honest review.


Author Bio:


Ruth Heald is a psychological thriller writer from a suburban Buckinghamshire town. She studied Economics at Oxford and then worked in an eclectic mix of sectors from nuclear decommissioning to management consulting.

Seeking a more creative environment, she found a role at the BBC and worked there for nine years before leaving to write full time. Ruth is fascinated by psychology and finding out what drives people to violence, destruction and revenge. She’s married with one daughter and her novels explore our greatest fears in otherwise ordinary, domestic lives.



Author:     Ruth Heald

Book:     The Mother’s Mistake  

Publication Day:  11/06/19

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