The Demons Beneath by WD Jackson-Smart – Book Review

The Demons Beneath by WD Jackson-Smart – Book Review



A detective new to London. A possible serial killer. And a demon?

When a bloody corpse is discovered in a North London park, Detective Inspector Daniel Graves is the man tasked with finding the killer. With no clues and no suspects it seems like a dead end. Then another body turns up and this time it looks like it could be his fault. Has his investigation caused the murderer to strike again? Is he dealing with a serial killer?

As the case gets ever more complicated, a report comes in of another suspicious death but this is nothing like any other Graves has dealt with. All involved are convinced that something supernatural is to blame. A demon. Daniel is no believer but could he be wrong?

With two cases on his shoulders and the truth behind each beyond his grasp, Graves must race against time before both killers, human or otherwise, strike again.




This is #1 in a new series featuring DI Daniel Graves.

DI Daniel Graves is new to London’s Met Police and is on the Homicide and Serious Crime Command and is called to the body of a man found with a horrific wound. Then the victim’s boss is found murdered too with similarities… a serial killer at work? And what is the link to the mysterious Banksy of the tattooing world?

Running alongside this is the story of the Morris family, they are being terrified in their home by something spooky….the children are too frightened to go in their bedroom and things are being moved around…they are contacted by a demonologist, Catherine Delamar. She tells them a demon called Adremelech has made its home there….she can perform an exorcism to clear the house. Creepy stuff.

DI’s Graves and Palmer and Sargeant Harding make a great team and I love the gentle banter between them. Two completely different cases but the writing is so good they work well alongside each other. So many tense moments too that keep you utterly gripped.

Will they find out who is the tattoo killer? And are demons walking this earth?


And OMG!!!! That ending…..I really can’t wait for Book #2. Game On!

Thank you to Damppebbles Blog Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and for the promotional materials and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest, unbiased review. 

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WD Jackson-Smart, 35, is a London-based horror and crime fiction author who has been writing crime and horror fiction since 2011. His novel Red Light was self published on Amazon and charted in the top twenty best selling Suspense / Thriller Kindle books on release.  

His horror short story, What’s Yours Is Mine, was shortlisted for the Horror For Good anthology.

His first crime thriller Slasher, about a serial killer targeting slasher movie actresses in Hollywood, is out now, and he has launched a brand new crime series set in London and starring D.I. Graves. The Demons Beneath is the first in the series, and the sequel From Inside The House was published on July 1st 2019.

As well as his passion for horror and crime thrillers in all forms, WD Jackson-Smart also loves art and design, having studied Fine Art and Art History in Leeds and Toronto and working as a graphic designer for the majority of his career.



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Published by Panther Publishing in paperback and ebook formats on 1st June 2019

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