No Turning Back by Freddie P Peters – Book Review



A whistle-blower targeted by a car bomb, A new terror cell in London,

A former IRA operative seeking redemption…

The gruesome execution of a notorious thief and an assassination attempt on a high-finance executive turned whistle-blower throw former QC Nancy Wu and Inspector Jonathan Pole into a race to defuse the threat of a new terror group. The stakes are considerable and they need help…

Can Henry Crowne, disgraced financier and past IRA operative find redemption in lending his expertise to the case or will he have to give much more…his life perhaps?

NO TURNING BACK is a financial and espionage thriller, the third book in the ‘Henry Crowne: Paying the Price’ series. If you liked Dance with the Enemy, Deep State or the TV series Informer, and McMafia you will enjoy the twists and turns of Freddie P. Peters’ latest fast-paced thriller. Discover it now…



#3 in the Henry Crowne, Paying The Price series.

This time, someone has tried to kill Nancy Wu, ex Qc and Inspector Pole is investigating why? Who would want her dead?

He finds evidence of an emerging new terror group, but who would gain by Nancy’s death?

Again, Henry, Nancy and Pole join forces to thwart the plans……Can they ? before anyone else dies?

This is another compelling,exciting financial crime and espionage thriller that will leave you breathless. A truly captivating series.

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour,  for the promotional materials and a free copies of the books. This is my honest, unbiased review.5272FCF4-2FC8-4CBB-9B66-24FBEC07802D


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