With Her Fists by Henry Roi – Book Review

With Her Fists by Henry Roi – Book Review


Clarice “Shocker” Ares retired from a sensational pro-boxing career to focus on her family and growing mechanic business. 

In an instant, everything she has worked for is shattered, when the police find a shipment of drugs in their shop, and wrongfully send Clarice and her husband to prison. Incarcerated and desperate after court appeals are denied, Clarice must become the Shocker once more, challenging rival convicts in a deadly prison fight ring to finance her escape. 

Battling alongside her, armed with his brilliant electronics wizardry, Clarice’s husband Ace manipulates the court system to arrange a daring prison break. When their abilities are put to the ultimate test, will they be able to exact their revenge – and regain freedom?


Clarice ‘The Shocker’ is a boxer, a mechanic, tattooist and mother. When a car is brought into her shop for diagnosed repair, she gets to work but what she finds hidden in a seat turns her life into a nightmare.

Clarice is a strong woman who tries to make the most of a horrific situation using her wits and determination. 

At its heart this is a crime novel with drug cartels, corrupt cops and the dark US prison system. There is also boxing with plenty of fights and tough injuries. This is a tale of right and wrong, of honesty and corruption with sheer greed that rules some people’s lives. An action and emotion packed tale and a thoroughly entertaining read.

Thank you to the Author, Henry Roi, for the opportunity to read this for free. This is my honest and unbiased review.


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