The Winter’s Sleep by Monica Cafferky – Book Review

The Winter’s Sleep by Monica Cafferky – Book Review


Spooky and compelling – a great debut’ 

Peter James

A fast-paced thriller with a supernatural twist, The Winter’s Sleep takes the reader on a breathtaking ride from Leeds to the Yorkshire coast in a tale of ghosts, betrayal and fraud.

A handsome husband. A beautiful home. A job she loves.

Yet Brigid Raven is drowning in debts and there’s only one way out. Fake her death and walk away from everything she’s struggled so hard to build.

Can she pull off her new identity? 

How will she survive on the run?

But Brigid has another secret. She can see the dead and now they won’t leave her alone.



Brigid and husband, Josh are in debt. Josh is out of work and Brigid is in a low paid job. They are at the point of possibly losing their home.

Due to the stress, Brigid has insomnia and her grandmother, a herbalist, gives her something to help her sleep. The death herb, called so as it can mimic death if taken in larger doses.

So, Josh devises a plan to fake Brigid’s death, claim on life insurance and they can solve all their financial problems……easy?

In sheer desperation, Brigid agrees.

All goes to plan, but she then starts to see a dark shadow and has horrific nightmares….what has she let in?

With Josh getting more and more hooked by drink and drugs, the easy life they planned is really not happening and with a private investigator snooping around the stress is building again.

This is a hard book to categorise, it’s a thriller, domestic drama and a little bit supernatural too. This does not detract from the story at all as it is all very cleverly plotted and you can feel the desperation of Brigid and how she was manipulated by Josh. 

I found this to be fast paced and utterly compelling, all set in the wonderful North Yorkshire landscape which just added more to the atmosphere. There’s death, despair and hope, it’s dark, tense and spooky and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you to Michelle at Not From This Planet for the opportunity to read this for free. This is my honest and unbiased review.


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Monica Cafferky is an author, journalist and visiting lecturer. Her debut novel, THE WINTER’S SLEEP, is a supernatural thriller that has won praise for being ‘spooky and compelling’ whilst the writing has been described as ‘vivid and tense’.

Previously, she has co-authored three self-help books (published by Little Brown). All three books have been translated into several languages including: Japanese, Norwegian, Czech, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Slovak and Estonian.

As a journalist, Monica’s first job was on a martial arts magazine followed by a stint as a staff writer on Woman’s Own. Since going freelance, she’s spent the weekend with a coven of witches, interviewed many of her favourite authors and penned a weekly MBS page in The Daily Mirror, which ran for three years. 

In 1997, Monica won a scholarship from the Reuter’s Foundation (now Thomson Reuters Foundation) to attend a training course with Reuters at Green College, Oxford. She was the only British journalist selected for this award, which was open to all media worldwide. 

Monica lives in Yorkshire.


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‘Magical and frightening. I loved it.’

Carmen Marcus


‘A page-turner that keeps you guessing.’

Machel Shull


‘The writing is superbly vivid and tense.’

Andrew Clover


‘Really enjoyable – a spooky, rip-roaring yarn.’

Daisy Waugh 


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