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Her Last Secret by P L Kane – Book Review


Jordan Radcliffe is found stabbed to death. 

Her boyfriend’s finger prints are on the knife and his clothes are covered in her blood. 

Case closed… Or is it?

When Jordan’s estranged father Jake learns of his only daughter’s death, he is convinced that there is more to her murder than he is being told. But Jake hasn’t seen Jordan for over three years and, with secrets of her own, she was far from the child he abandoned all those years ago.

Jake’s ex-wife Jules, is reluctant to let him waltz back into her life. But with a question mark hanging over the case, Jake knows that he must piece together the fragments of evidence before it is too late.

Will he ever discover the truth?



This starts with the murder of Jordan Radcliffe, stabbed and left to die…..

Her estranged father, Jake, wants answers. Who killed his daughter? 

Jake’s ex-wife Julie is distraught, her husband Greg doesn’t seem much support.

When Jordan’s boyfriend is arrested for the crime, Jake wants revenge…..but is there more to this than it seems? Can Jake find the truth?

This is a story of a family tragedy and a murder mystery. A tale of loss, grief and guilt after the death of Jordan….the what if’s and maybe’s . This is not a police procedural or thriller, it’s gripping murder mystery with an emotional heart. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you to Jess at Harper Collins for the opportunity to take part in this blog tour, for the promotional material and a free ecopy of the book. This is my honest and unbiased review.