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Not book related…..just a little Sunday morning musing.

Here’s a little Sunday musing….

This is my mum, she has dementia and it’s hard to see the person she was disappear. She is in a nursing home due to her health, physical and mental, she’s bedridden now but she is well cared for and comfortable.

Due to her delusions and hallucinations she has an adventurous life.

This week, she has been out on a motor bike, been to a fancy dress party dressed as an HP sauce bottle and has a 15 year old boy pestering her for a date….(she’s 81). She’s apparently also a world famous boxer! So like I say it’s a horrible condition but in her mind her life is full of adventure. Better than sitting watching tv all day.



Also today, the sun is out and it’s a lovely chilly day. The squirrels are running round the garden and the clematis is starting to flower, so all in all not too bad.


2 thoughts on “Not book related…..just a little Sunday morning musing.”

  1. Lesley I love this and the picture of your mum 🥰
    Thanks for sharing her with us on a day which is great for reflection and musings x

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