The Seventh Victim by Michael Wood – Audiobook Review

The Seventh Victim by Michael Wood – Audiobook Review


Imagine receiving a letter from your son’s murderer. Imagine starting to trust him.

What if the only person who can help you find your son, is the man in prison for killing him?

A child taken. A mother on the hunt for the truth.

Twenty-five years after her son Zachery disappeared without trace, Diane Marshall receives a letter that overturns her world once again. The man convicted of killing 13 boys, Zachery among them, finally confesses to it all – except the murder of her son.

Armed with this new information and determined to discover the location of his body, Diane and the former DI in charge of the case start investigating. Somewhere out there, her son’s killer is waiting as the reckoning draws nearer. Sooner or later, the terrible truth – buried and undisturbed for a quarter of a century – will out.



This is the tale of prolific serial killer, Jonathan Egan Walsh, who has been convicted of the murder of 13 boys. 

25 years later, Walsh is dying of cancer and writes a letter to the mother of Zachary Marshall. He tells her he didn’t kill her son…..he admits to the others, but no Zachary.

She takes the letter to the police, but they are not interested, telling Diane, Walsh was a manipulator and evidence shows he had been in contact with Zachary and the case is closed.

But, Diane will not give in, she needs to know the truth. 

This really is an incredible listen, beautifully narrated by Joanne Froggatt and Mathew Horne. They really bring these characters to life and make this very tense and atmospheric.

I loved this utterly gripping thriller, twisty, and with a heart rending ending making this a completely engrossing must listen.

Only available at Audible 

Thank you to Phoebe at Midas PR for the opportunity to take part in this blog tour, for the promotional material and a free copy of the audiobook. This is my honest and unbiased review.


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