Act 3. The Art Of Growing Older by Judy Reith & Adrian Reith – Book Review

Act 3. The Art Of Growing Older by Judy Reith & Adrian Reith – Book Review


At last, the life you want . . . post 50.

We’re living longer, in better health, with higher expectations than any generation in human history. With an extra adult chapter to look forward to, what will you do? Who else could you be? How will you evolve the best plan for your life between 50 and 80?

Judy and Adrian Reith have decades of experience in helping people see hidden possibilities, clarify their goals and achieve life-changing results. In Act 3 they suggest practical steps to make your life more fulfilling as you age. From the ground up this book will help you identify and strengthen the four roots you’ll need for a happy and successful third act. It illustrates how your attitude, purpose, relationships and values are keystones to a life without regret.

Act 3 gives tools and tips to help you focus on what matters, with chapters on Work, Home, Money, Health, Play, the World and Friends. You’ll be inspired by original stories of those who have changed their lives after 50 and be able to re-imagine your future, and so get the life you want . . . at last.



Act 3 is a breath of fresh air, it’s packed full of positivity. It’s honest, has lots of very useful information and ideas on how to enjoy the aging process, to accept this as a part of life and something to be celebrated. Getting older is not something to dread but to relish.

There are lots of quotes and real life anecdotes from various people and circumstances that helps create such a positive attitude and a joie de vivre.

I found this to be a book to dip into depending on my mood or particular thought and the final chapters are so useful, for me personally it really struck a chord. It’s definitely a book I will refer to again and again.

A thought provoking and empowering read. Brilliant. 

Thank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour,  for the promotional materials and a free copy of the book. This is my honest, unbiased review.


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Judy Raith has been a coach and parenting expert for 20 years. She draws on her professional training in child development, counselling and parent education to help thousands of parents, some of whom are entering Act 3. She is the author of 7 Secrets Of Raising Girls Every Parent Must Know, Be A Great Mum and Transform Living With Teenagers.


Aged 50 in 2006, Adrian Raith ditched a successful career as a writer and director in advertising to help people unscramble their mental spaghetti. Having re-trained as a coach he works with executives and leaders to help them make the most of life and work. He and Judy live together in Cambridge. 


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