Threadbare by Malcolm Hollingdrake – Book Review


The team is seeing changes. Cyril is away and for the second time, Owen finds himself in charge of the investigation. An elderly gentleman dies of a snake bite and unfortunately his carer is also attacked. The second murder is a shooting, an unusual weapon being used, again an elderly victim.

A photograph of four friends celebrating a win at the Great St Wilfred’s Stakes at Ripon races in 1986 seems to be significant, but the relevance, at first, is lost in the investigation.

Another victim, one of the friends in the photograph, is found dead in his home. Only one of the friends remains alive and Owen and his team fight against time to prevent his murder.

The investigation is hampered by two siblings, the Bostock brothers, who have a history of rivalry and hatred; one of them is in the Ripon races photograph.

DS April Richmond’s biblical knowledge proves critical in solving the crime. The snake, Lilith, conjures the Garden of Eden. Two more fatalities occur before the crimes are solved and the motive is revealed.



#9 in The Harrogate Crime series.

This starts with Cyril proposing and so has now stepped back a little on cases while on honeymoon. His team carry on as usual though, so there is more about them and their backgrounds which I felt makes the characters more rounded. 

They begin investigating a death and find it was caused by snake venom… the body count grows they find more secrets and it becomes a race to catch the killer before any more deaths…

This is a well paced thriller with the tension building as the story progresses, ending with a marvellous final twist that I really didn’t see coming. A thoroughly engrossing read.

Thank you to Caroline Vincent at CazVin Books for the opportunity to take part in this blog tour, for the promotional material and a free copy of the ebook. This is my honest and unbiased review. 

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