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A big change – The Bookwormery retires

Due to my immunotherapy treatment for my stage 4 malignant melanoma, plus 2 surgeries in the same spot and radiotherapy, again in the same place, I now have nerve damage and neuropathy.

This means constant numbness, pins and needles and horrible pains which range from deep aches in my shoulder, elbow and left hand. Plus the joy stinging pains in my numb armpit and stabbing pains in my fingers and hand. I am left handed and no longer have any real control over it, I can’t write properly but am slowly learning to use my right hand….mmm slow going.

So, the result is I am no longer able to put the time and effort into reading and book blogging, a hard decision but I just can’t concentrate on a book anymore and that’s just not fair on the authors.

I am now just doing my other hobby making home fragrance items. I can do that with one hand.

Thank you to the incredible blog tour organisers for the support and the chance to have read some truly amazing books.


12 thoughts on “A big change – The Bookwormery retires”

  1. So very sorry that you’ve been forced to make this decision.
    I hope your health improves and that you can find some contentment.
    As someone who has had two major surgeries in the past three years, I can empathize somewhat with your situation.
    Wishing you the very best. 💕

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  2. Only just come upon this. So sorry you had to make this decision – I wish you all the best, and want to thank you for all your support. Take good care of yourself.

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