Simmering granules

Fresh Breeze – Simmering granules for home fragrance

A new batch of the favourite – Fresh Breeze (inspired by Lenors Spring Awakening).

FRESH BREEZE I have scented these simmering granules with a Fresh Breeze fragrance oil. (Inspired by Lenor’s Spring Awakening.).Similar in style and identity to the Lenor fabric conditioner Spring Awakening. Wrapped in the scent of spring flowers and hints of natural patchouli and white cedar, you can look forward to a revitalizing, uplifting scent. I have 100g pouches or 50g pots of these highly fragranced natural sea salt simmering granules (or sizzlers as they are also known) available.

** 3 x 50g pots are available at £1 each

**And ** 2 x 100g pouches at £2 each **

These grains go into your wax or electric burner, giving off a strong aroma with less clean up. They give a burst of fragrance which lasts approx 3 hour for each 2 spoonfuls. So a 50g pot has approx 20 hours of fragrance.To use simply place 1-2 teaspoonfuls into your burner (do not add water) and light an un-scented tea light. These are a fantastic alternative to wax melts as there is no mess or wax to clean up. Once the scent is gone (you’ll notice the granules will have lost their colour and fragrance), let them cool then just simply tip them into the bin. These pots contain roughly 50g and comes with a wooden spoon. And maybe a sample wax melt or sample pot of granules.These are vegan, animal cruelty free , using natural sea salt, fragrance oil and mica powder for colour.

Wax melts

New Gorgeous fragrance

I’ve just added this to my shop. I love this new fragrance it is very summery and perfect for the warm evenings.

I’d love it if you lovely people would take a peek (and maybe follow).